About Belize

Just the word alone (“Belize”) triggers images of strolling along endless Caribbean beaches, snorkeling amongst colorful tropical fish and relaxing with friends & family where time seems to have taken a break. True, this is the Belize that you can enjoy daily. But beyond this is an amazing Central American nation gifted with natural treasures, ancient sites, amazing people, extreme adventures and prosperous real estate & business opportunities.

Belize is situated on the Caribbean Sea, south of Cancun, Mexico and east of Guatemala in Central America. Belize is not an island but actually part of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. Belize is about the size of Massachusetts with approximately 9,000 square miles. 180 miles north to south and just 68 miles east to west at the maximum. The diversity of what Belize offers in such a compact space is outright amazing. Imagine the best of Costa Rica and the Caribbean combined. Belize is gifted with the second-largest barrier reef in the world (165 miles long). The land is flat at the coast and rises to 3,600 feet inland at the height of the Maya Mountains. Spectacular Victoria’s Peak is the tallest mountain in Belize at feet. Jungle and rain forest cover the central and southern regions with dry savannah and extensive wetlands in the north next to Mexico. Hundreds of tropical islands are scattered along the coast. Wild jungle rivers, accessible underground caves, tropical wildlife and impressive citrus & banana plantations are located through out the main land.