The Panther Golf Estates at The Placencia

Placencia, Belize has become a worldwide Caribbean destination for tourists seeking to experience its beautiful beaches, exotic islands, quaint beach town and friendly residents. Enchanted by its beauty, and all that the country has to offer, many are choosing Placencia as their location to retire, own their dream vacation home, or invest in an income rental property.

There are numerous reasons from the U.S., Canada and Europe are coming to Belize:

     • Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America.

     • The country has a retiree program that attracts countless.

     • There are absolutely no barriers to foreign investment.

     • The real estate system is very easy to navigate.

     • There is no capital gains or inheritance tax.

     • It has a growing, private offshore banking sector.

     • Foreigners receive fee-simple absolute title to all property.

     • Property taxes are below $100USD per property annually.

     • Income taxes are exceptionally low.

     • Quick two+ hour flights from the USA

New homes and developments are breaking ground at a healthy and sustainable pace on the Placencia Peninsula and eager visitors and investors are springing at the opportunity to have a piece of this little paradise, while it’s still possible.

The Panther Golf Club development is the answer to a growing demand. Every year visitors describe this little paradise as their dream that could only be better with views of “the green.” The Panther Golf Club will be the first major golf course in Belize, attracting golfers from around the world to experience the Robert Trent Jones II Signature Golf Course while in the picturesque Caribbean setting. The golf course is only part of the answer to the question. The Panther Golf Club Estates pulls the entire development together; a vacation home and golf course in one; a golfer’s perfect dream paradise.

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