Robert Trent Jones II

In a career spanning more than four decades, Robert Trent Jones, Jr. has designed more than 270 golf courses in more than 40 countries on six continents. RTJ II golf courses have won countless awards and accolades, been ranked among the best layouts throughout the world, and hosted tournaments on every major golf tour.

The Jones legacy began with the birth of his father, Robert Trent Jones Sr. in 1906 in England. By the age of five, the elder Jones emigrated to New York where he was first introduced to golf as a caddie at the Rochester Country Club.

Later, Jones Sr. attended Cornell University, where he studied to become a professional golf course design¬er. During his studies at Cornell, he designed the back nine of Cornell’s Robert Trent Jones Golf Course. Jones Sr. later went on to start his own company, Robert Trent Jones Inc. and became himself a master architect of golf courses.

Robert Trent Jones Jr., “Bobby” was born in 1939 and learned about golf at Winged Foot Golf Club from the legendary Tommy Armour. After studying geology and majoring in history and American Studies at Yale, and attending a year of law school at Stanford University, Bobby graduated into the family business. After apprenticing with the senior Jones for several years and becoming Vice President of the company, Jr. eventually expanded the company’s business to Asia with his debut international effort, Bangkok’s Nava¬tanee Golf Course. In 1972, the son left his father’s firm and set out on his own by founding Robert Trent Jones II Golf Course Architects, where he has assembled what is arguably the most talented golf course architecture team in the industry.

Robert Trent Jones, Jr.’s own golf course designs have scaled mountains, enlivened deserts, ranged across prairies, carved through forests, reclaimed wastelands, and rolled down to the edges of the world’s oceans. Known as the father of environmental golf course design, Jones respects and embraces the land in his work. This is preciesly the vision of The Panther Golf Course in Placencia, Belize.

Jones’ take on golf course design: “The very best courses are those where nature has provided the canvas and my job is to discover her secrets and reveal them. I try to design golf courses that will fascinate people so they’ll want to play them many times and learn the depths and meanings of the courses’ stories, their subtext, their poetry.”